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Child-friendly things to do in Dublin, CA

One of the reasons why Dublin, CA is a great place to raise a family is the wide variety of child-friendly attractions in the city. Unfortunately, kids haven’t been able to enjoy these facilities lately because of the pandemic. With t...

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Best schools in Dublin, CA that offer online classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely posed a challenge to parents with school-age children. As shelter-in-place orders were released, homeschooling became the new normal. Routines changed and many parents have had to play a more active role...

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How Much Does It Cost To Live in Dublin, CA?

Thinking about moving to Dublin, CA? Use this cost of living guide to assess how well you will fit into the local lifestyle. Living in Dublin is twice as expensive as the national average, but still a lot more affordable than San Franc...

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Scenic Places in Tri Valley

5 scenic places in the Tri-Valley

Word to the wise: if you plan to visit the Tri-Valley region, leave plenty of space for photos on your smartphone or camera. As a place where three distinct valleys intersect, this area has no shortage of amazing views to offer. These fun t...

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