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Why you need a listing agent to help you sell your home

Why you need a listing agent to help you sell your home

If you have previously tried going the FSBO (for sale by owner) route in selling your home, either in Pleasanton, CA or anywhere else, you probably will know by now that the journey can be quite arduous and full of obstacles. No doubt, home selling can be done this way – but consider also how fluid and smooth the process would be when done with the help of a listing agent.

Here are five good reasons why taking on the services of a listing agent in selling your home could be the best option for you:

Access to MLS

A listing agent can help you access multiple listing services (MLS), which essentially open up the market for your home. In this online real estate database, your property gets marketed not only domestically, but also internationally. Your reach increases exponentially and promises a more diverse set of potential buyers who are eager to present an offer.

Knowledge and experience

Listing agents have made a career out of selling real estate. They studied it, did the research on it, and understood the nuances of their industry and their locale. That rich knowledge and experience prove invaluable to any home seller. By working with a skilled and smart listing agent, there’s less room for mistakes. This can be especially helpful if you’re a first-time home seller.


You may have a lot of emotions and memories tied to your home, and this can add complications to an already complex process. But a listing agent provides the objectivity you need so as not to fall into the rut of bad decision-making such as overpricing your home, refusing to negotiate, or coming up with impossible terms and conditions that no buyer can meet. By being neutral and unbiased, your listing agent can ensure that your home sale proceeds in a professional and less stressful manner.

Faster sale, bigger profits

Some may say that hiring a listing agent may just add to the pinch on your pockets on top of other crucial investments like staging, renovation, inspection, and negotiations, to name a few. Do know, though, that you’re paying for expertise and your peace of mind, thus, the need for a listing agent in selling your home. They aren’t just good at marketing – they also know winning strategies to boost your home’s value. So, by partnering with a listing agent, you put yourself in a position to sell your home quicker and for better profits.

There’s no doubt that putting your beloved residence alongside other Pleasanton homes being marketed via the “for sale by owner” route can still bring you to your end result which is getting your home sold. But do consider the range of possibilities and the potential generous returns stemming from having a listing agent partnering with you in this endeavor. You won’t regret it.

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