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Spruce Up Your Home With These Hot 2021 Interior Design Trends

Classy home interior

The start of a new year is always a great time to think about how you can liven up your living spaces. Here are X great interior design ideas and tips to help you rejuvenate your home in 2021:

Go industrial

If your living spaces are airy and expansive, the industrial aesthetic might be a great fit for your redesign plans. From incorporating more neutral colors, to elements like exposed stonework, wood, or metal, you have multiple ways to pull off this modern, function-oriented style.

Woven furniture

Thinking about updating your furniture? Interior designer Ross Thompson recommends natural, woven furniture for your 2021 renovations. Materials like rattan, bamboo, or reed are excellent materials to execute a “biophilic” design for your living spaces—that is, incorporating natural elements to your indoor settings. After all, if a pandemic is going to keep you indoors more often than you might like, it’s going to be a great idea to let “more nature” inside the house.

The yellow-and-gray color combination

Pantone made an interesting choice for its 2021 color of the year. In fact, instead of designating a single color, they assigned two to headline the new year’s prescribed color scheme. And it’s a fascinating combination, too—a bright and lively yellow (Illuminating), matched with a firm and serious gray (Ultimate Gray).

The unconventional pairing echoes relevant themes of current times. The “independent colors highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness,” according to Pantone.

Rustic ceramic kitchen wall tiles

Looking to liven up your kitchen—the heart of your home? With the arrival of 2021 comes the return of eye-catching, handcrafted ceramic tiles. Plain or smooth tiling are expected to make way for distinctive and dramatic backsplashes. This aesthetic might even work for an entire wall, depending on your cabinetry and appliances.

Be wary of how expensive handcrafted tiles can be though. If you’re working with a tight budget, consider a simple accent wall to utilize this effect instead.

Green-hued kitchen cabinets

If you are still hesitant to replace your smooth tiling with patterned ones, refreshing your cabinet with a coat of verdant hues might do the trick. In an interview with Insider, interior designer Rachel Street projects the emergence of green cabinetry in kitchens throughout the year. Street cites the color’s flexibility with warm and cozy color palettes, typically used in a kitchen space.

Chic home offices

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of having a dedicated space for productivity inside the house. That’s why having a proper home office should be part of your interior design plans as we move into 2021. Your home office should be comfortable and conducive to deep thought and creativity—there are plenty of other rooms for leisure and relaxation elsewhere around your house.

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