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How to transform your home office into a hub for productivity

Agent Working From Home

With many of our days spent indoors, it may seem like there aren’t a lot of things to do in Dublin, CA (or anywhere, really), but there’s actually one thing that we can do that can make a big difference – designing a comfortable and productive home office.

Working at home used to be an ideal, but now it’s the reality for many of us. Setting aside an area as an office is just the first step – the exciting part is optimizing it for maximum productivity.

Work smart with the following tips:

Set clever boundaries

With the line between home and work blurred, clear boundaries are important. Stay focused on your to-do list by keeping your office free of distractions like the TV, game consoles, or gym equipment.

It can also be helpful to bookend your working hours. Opening the curtains in your office can mark the beginning of your day while closing your laptop or switching off your lamp in the evening can signal that you’re officially off the clock. These signals help keep you in the zone and make every time you signal the end of your day feel incredible.

Design health into your space

You can only be productive if your health is in tiptop shape, so make sure not to neglect it. Invest in a chair that gives your back the support it needs for hours of sitting, and keep a glass of water nearby so you can stay hydrated all day. The need to replenish an empty glass is a good indicator of when to start much-needed breaks.

Let your office work with you

There is nothing like the momentum of efficiency to maintain productivity. Make sure that you design your office with all your needs within reach so your workflow is never interrupted by small details.

Reference books and office supplies should be easy to access. Avoid clutter by playing around with the vertical and horizontal space in your office to find the organizational system that works for you. This way, it’s like your office is helping you work as smoothly as possible.

Make it your own

Personalizing your space helps maintain your focus, enhance your wellbeing, and stimulate creative thinking. Surround yourself with things that inspire you, whether it’s a postcard from your favorite city, some cherished souvenirs, or photos of your family.

Invite nature in

Ward off cabin fever by designing your office with natural elements. Place a potted plant nearby and position your desk close to a window for a healthy dose of sunlight and a view of the outside.

Designing the perfect home office begins with finding the property that best suits your needs – and having a reliable real estate agent like me, Alice Chen, will guide you there. If you’re keeping an eye out for homes for sale in Dublin, CA, you’ll find a diversity of options. Get in touch with me at 925.216.0676 or alice(at)alicewlchen(dotted)com and let’s find the home of your dreams together.