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House or Townhouse? Which One Suits Your Lifestyle Better?

Homes for Sale in Dublin, CA

Dublin, CA and the rest of the Tri-Valley Area features an abundance of exceptional real estate options, including a wide range of houses and townhouses for sale. Are you wondering what type of Dublin home is right for you? Read on to learn more about the key differences between these two residential property types:

Structure, size, and space

Single-family homes are detached, standalone structures that are built on their own, separate plot of land. On the other hand, townhouses typically share at least one wall with the separate dwelling next door. 

The amount of living space will depend on the size of the house that you buy, but in most cases, detached homes are more spacious compared to townhomes. Whereas houses have sprawling and expansive living spaces, townhomes typically feature a more narrow and vertical structure, rising two or three levels up to offer homeowners the space that they need.


Houses have the advantage when it comes to privacy because the entire property is owned by the homebuyer. In contrast, townhouse owners share their building with neighbors immediately next door.

Land ownership

Whether you buy a house or a townhouse, you gain ownership of the land on which the structure is built. This means any outdoor amenities like a front or back yard.

Outdoor features 

If you enjoy unwinding on a patio or personal garden, you can do so with either a single-family house or a townhouse. However, detached houses often have more generous outdoor amenities compared to townhouses.


The choice between a detached house and a townhouse may also depend on whether you shop for homes by neighborhood or district. Areas closer to the city or town center may feature more compact and space-saving townhouses, while single-family houses are located in places a bit farther in dedicated residential communities. 

Consider accessibility to your most frequented places, whether for work or leisure, to determine which areas are best for your needs and preferences.


Are you the type of homeowner who finds joy in cleaning up and sorting out maintenance and repair needs in and around the house? Or are you more of a low-maintenance type?

If you are more of the latter, a more compact townhouse may be the better choice. Living spaces and outdoor yard spaces here are relatively smaller and easier to manage or clean up. You’ll need to budget for regular homeowner association (HOA) dues to sustain upkeep costs for the exterior of your townhouse though.


When it comes to renovating or redesigning your home, including the exterior features, a standalone house will give you more freedom and flexibility. Townhouse HOAs typically set guidelines and restrictions when it comes to changing the outward appearance of the buildings.

Are you ready to shop for the ideal single-family home or townhouse? For the latest and finest real estate finds in Dublin, CA, get in touch with me, Alice Chen. Call 925.216.0676 or drop me a message here, and I will gladly guide you through all the available options in this wonderful housing market as soon as possible.