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Home features first-time buyers are looking for

Many of us have been there before – not knowing what to expect during the first time of engaging in a major project like a home-buying experience. It helps to know that there have been others before us who have already hurdled that project and are willing to share their secrets to success.

Among these secrets is knowing the amenities to look for in a new home. The first rule of thumb, of course, is to manage your expectations. It’s fine to go for gold but better check your finances first and learn to work within your budget.

Here are some of the trendiest home must-haves that buyers these days are keeping an eye on:

  1. Ceiling fan

    Here’s an item not many are expecting to find on this list. Yes, ceiling fans are your best means of cooling certain areas of your room, not just by churning up wind but also by evenly distributing the wind throughout the area. Combine the use of a ceiling fan and your air-conditioning for best cooling results especially during warmer months. Just make sure your floor-to-ceiling span is around eight feet if you want your ceiling fan to work splendidly for you.

  2. Laundry room

    Imagine how much laundry clutter is minimized by having a room dedicated solely to washing, drying, ironing, and folding your thousand-and-one fabrics. The basement is the usual location for such a room but you can have it in any other available space in your new home – although at a higher cost. Said to be the home project with the least financial outflow, a small laundry room project can only cost you around $1,000.

  3. Energy-saving features

    Who doesn’t want to save on their electric bills? Of course, everyone will want to have some money left in their pockets after the obligatory bill payments so Energy Star-certified appliances and windows will be most welcome. Windows of this kind can save you up to 12% of heating and cooling costs while just one appliance with the Energy Star rating can shave off around $45 in your electric bill. Plus, these said features will look attractive to any potential buyer, should you wish to sell your home in the future.

  4. Exterior lighting

    A house bathed in light can be a remarkable sight to see. Not only does this illumination add to a home’s overall aesthetics, but this also ups the ante on your home security. Those with nefarious intentions will less likely want to trespass in a home that’s well-lit, lest they want to be easily seen by neighbors or a security camera.

  5. Patio

    There’s a certain charm brought about by well-planned home exterior spaces, on top of the chance to enjoy the serenity and natural breeze of the outdoors. That’s why it makes sense for some homebuyers to look for a nice patio in the backyard. Seen as an extension of your living space, the patio can act as an area for having guests or holding family barbecues. For a minimal budget, a couple of benches and a grill over a concrete foundation will do. But if you have the budget for it, you can have a fire pit and a wet bar installed.

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