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Five best cycling routes in the Tri-Valley area

A group of friends traveling to Tri-Valley cities using their bicycles

Looking for fun, active, and socially distant things to do in and around Dublin, CA? On a bike, you can test your limits or go for a leisurely ride, all while improving your overall fitness. You’ll burn calories, work your legs, and see parts of the Tri-Valley area that are usually overlooked or underappreciated.

Here are five of the best cycling routes in the Tri-Valley area, enjoyable whether you’re flying solo or out bicycling as a group activity.

  1. Downtown Danville Loop

    The Downtown Danville Loop is perfect for beginners and casual cyclists. It’s a good distance (almost 12 miles), mostly on Danville’s wide and bicycle-friendly roads. The short version goes through Sycamore Valley Road, Camino Tassajara, and Blackhawk Plaza, but if you want the entire 11.6 miles, you can go all the way to San Ramon Valley Boulevard and Downtown Danville. Either way, make the Park and Ride Station your starting and end point.

  2. Iron Horse Trail Loop

    If you’re looking for more challenge, do try out the Iron Horse Trail Loop. It runs for a total of 17 miles and even has an elevation gain of 220 feet, with some parts of the loop requiring you to put more power to your pedaling. The Iron Horse Trail Loop will take you to the quieter parts of the Tri-Valley area.

  3. Martin Canyon Creek Trail

    This Dublin find is quite the hidden gem. Although it has its fair share of fans, the Martin Canyon Creek Trail is not as popular as the other bike trails on this list. That’s fine. You’ll encounter less traffic on the trails. The loop starts in a residential neighborhood and then enters the countryside, where you can enjoy stunning views of the valley. But if you want to reach the very top, you’ll have to dismount as the trail there gets very narrow.

  4. House of Pain Loop

    Now this one will definitely test your limits. The House of Pain loop attracts a lot of advanced cyclists. You can see them test their mettle by groups early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. If you’re up to it, find a group to join and form your own.

    Make sure to charge beforehand— the House of Pain loop is a 40-mile ride and will take you up to 1,178 feet above sea level. All that pain and sweat will be worth it, however, because you’ll be treated with some of the best views in the Tri-Valley area.

  5. Mt. Diablo South Gate Summit Loop

    If you thought the House of Pain loop was the hardest ride of your life in the Tri-Valley area, wait until you experience the Mt. Diablo South Gate Summit Loop. It’s significantly shorter than the House of Pain loop, but this one has double the elevation gain, taking you all the way up at almost 4,000 feet above sea level. This trail is best taken on the weekdays as Mt. Diablo can get busy on the weekends because of tourist activity.

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