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Exploring the 7 Steps of the Home Selling Process

Realtor and client signing a contract

At some point, nearly all homeowners start thinking about selling their home. Whether you’re looking to move to a new location, adjust your size requirements, or just need to switch things up; selling your home is a big decision.

Before you put your house on the market, explore the 7 steps of the home selling process.

Hire Your Listing Agent

First things first, you need to hire their real estate agent.

Explore the agents in your local market, hit the web, and ask people you know who they’ve worked with and can recommend. Make sure you’re hiring the agent that’s right for you. Selling a home can be a timely process so you need to find someone that you’ll be able to do long term business with.

Find an agent that you trust and can connect to.

Fix Up the Home

You’ll need to get your house sale-ready before you put it on the market.

Now’s the time to fix up any property issues and tie up all the loose ends. Remember, your home will be undergoing inspections and appraisals during the deal. These results will play a huge role in determining the overall sale. Make your repairs, get things spotlessly clean, and make your home look gorgeous.

Think about touching up the paint job and fixing up the landscaping to boost the property’s appeal.

Create Your Listing

Time to put your home on the market. Work with your agent to create a winning property listing that will attract and inform interested buyers. Make sure you’re including all the necessary information and presenting your home in its best light.

Showings, Walkthroughs, and Open Houses

Once your home is on the market, interested buyers will start reaching out to see the house in person.

Your agent will be busy scheduling showings, walkthroughs, and open houses to prospective buyers. To ensure your home makes a good first impression, consider staging your home. Staging is known to help homes sell in less time and for bigger profits, and nothing attracts buyers like a staged home.

Find Your Buyer

When a serious buyer is looking to move forward with a deal, they’ll place their offer. At this point, you and your agent will review their buying position – and that’s where the negotiations begin.

The conversation will go back and forth until the terms are settled and you find a promising buyer.

Fill Out the Paperwork

Real estate sales are no short of paperwork. You’ll be signing contracts, filling out the disclosure documents, transferring titles, and getting all your documents in order when the transaction is almost ready to close.

Close the Deal

Finally, it’s time to attend the closing meeting and sign the dotted line. Congratulations! Your home is successfully sold.

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