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Child-friendly things to do in Dublin, CA

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One of the reasons why Dublin, CA is a great place to raise a family is the wide variety of child-friendly attractions in the city. Unfortunately, kids haven’t been able to enjoy these facilities lately because of the pandemic.

With the regional stay-at-home order lifted, it’s possible for you to take the kids out to have some fun. Just don’t forget to follow safety protocols and observe social distancing.

Check out my list of child-friendly things to do in Dublin, CA and the Tri-Valley area.

  • Take the kids to a playground
  • There are plenty of outdoor play spaces for children around the city. Among the most popular ones is Kolb Park between Brighton Drive and Bristol Road. Kids love the well-maintained playground and the wide open space. There are also fascinating stone art installations to admire and paved walkways for light exercise.

    Other play spaces to check out: Bray Commons, Shannon Park, and Dolan Park.

  • Go for a leisurely hike
  • There are plenty of child-friendly trails in the Tri-Valley area. You can take the kids out for an easy hike then enjoy a picnic somewhere along the trail. Dogs are also usually allowed as long as they’re kept on a lease.

    I highly recommend the two-mile Alamo Creek Park trail, which is easy enough to navigate even for toddlers. That’s because it’s wide and paved. It leads to a nice creek where you and the kids can rest and take in some fresh air.

  • Enroll in a swim camp
  • The Dublin Wave Waterpark is once again open for fitness swimming. Children can also enroll in swim camps. It’s best to check out their official Facebook page to see the latest announcements from their management.

    If you’re wary of taking the kids to the Waterpark, don’t worry. Everyone can still enjoy The Dublin Wave from the comforts of your home through their Virtual Recreation Center.

    Explore Dublin as you “shelter in fun”

    Make sheltering at home fun for everyone! Visit the Dublin Virtual Recreation Center, where you can find a wide array of child-friendly activities such as:

    • Virtual tours of parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, and more
    • Arts and crafts
    • Science experiments at home
    • Storytime videos
    • Sports and games
    • Online classes for kids like code workshops

    The time will come when it’s safe to go out. For the meantime, here’s a tip: Pick out your favorite locations and create a bucket list. Once it’s safe, visit them with your family and tick them off the list one by one.

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