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5 Tips for a quicker home sale

The last thing any home seller wants is their home languishing in the market for too long a time. Some would eventually rethink their price margins or find alternative attacks in marketing their home. However, it would still be best to employ the best strategies as soon as you put your abode up for sale.

Here are my best recommendations on what to do to achieve that quick home sale.

Quick fixes, not major overhauls

You’re better off keeping your money close to your chest for any potential financial requirements that will come with selling your house. That’s why I recommend quick fixes that are easy on the pocket rather than massive and costly home upgrades. Replace old cabinet handles and doorknobs with shiny new ones, check your plumbing for leaks and get these replaced, refresh your walls with a good paint job – these should do.

Let there be light

Nothing is more appealing to a person’s eye than anything awash in light. This is something to consider during home viewings. Let natural light in, take off the heavy drapery, change old lightbulbs with new and more illuminating ones, light up your house’s exterior, and clean off the grime from your windows. Bonus tip: Get those energy-saving LED bulbs so as not to put a dent on your electric bills.

Keep Fido and Fifi out of sight

Of course, your pets are simply the loveliest family members you can ever have – but not everyone is fond of animals. Some may even be allergic to their dander. So, if you’re expecting potential buyers to come over, make sure to keep them elsewhere for the meantime, put pet items in storage, and clean the house of their leavings.

Declutter, depersonalize

Clutter around the home is among the things that define it – but the goal now is to sell your home, not to get sentimental over it. Thus, it’s best to make a full sweep of all areas of your home, gather the clutter, and keep them in storage. You can start with items and trinkets up on display that indicate milestones in your family’s life – trophies, plaques, framed photos, etc. – and leave some of the more generic items and décor. Not only do you get a head start in packing your things for your move once the selling transaction is over, but you also allow the potential buyer to better envision themselves living in your home.

Choose your real estate agent wisely

The Tri-Valley area has a huge number of real estate agents operating here but the best ones are those with a good handle on developments and comps in your community. More than simply having a strong command of the tools that digital technology has in selling homes, they also have a great working relationship with their clients. These are the types of real estate agents that can assure a swift and successful real estate transaction.

You don’t have to look further for a real estate agent with these qualities – you can have the quickest and most profitable deal for your home with me, Alice Chen. Let’s get your home sold now – call 925.216.0676 or leave me a message here to get started.