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5 Excellent ways to boost your home’s value

5 Excellent ways to boost your home’s value

Home selling can be a very lucrative venture, especially when you use the right strategies to boost your home’s value. In relation to this, I previously recommended making smart, quick updates over massive and costly home renovation projects. This is due to the former’s smaller risk and bigger return potential, percentage-wise.

So, if you have plans of selling your Pleasanton property, here are several recommendations for cost-effective home improvements that add the most value.

Mini kitchen upgrade

Improving your kitchen’s form and function allows you to justify a higher asking price. Consider the benefit of such an upgrade: it increases the enjoyment that potential buyers can get out of kitchen activities like food preparation, cooking, and even dishwashing.

Some of the minor kitchen upgrades you can do are to repaint, add a backsplash, improve cabinets, replace old fixtures—maybe even replace old appliances with modern, energy-efficient models.

Minor bathroom remodeling

After kitchens, bathrooms are the next most important rooms to focus on when selling your home. You use your bathroom every day, so there’s bound to be significant wear and tear.

First, look at the details: Do any of your lights, drawer pulls, faucets, towel racks need replacing? Next, check out the overall appearance: Are there any prominent bathroom features (e.g., tiles, sink, toilet, tub) that need some sprucing up?

Finally, find out if everything behind the scenes is working: Are there any clogged or leaking pipes that you need to take care of?

Garage door replacement

Garage doors not only see frequent use, but they are also fully exposed to the elements. Thus, they can suffer significant wear and tear, even after just a few years. Cracked or broken weather sealants, rusted panels, annoying mechanical noises, and edges that don’t go all the way to the bottom—don’t let these issues get in the way of your home sale. Replace old and broken garage doors ASAP. You have a good chance of recouping every cent on this investment, maybe earn even more if you can get your new garage door at a discount.

Siding replacement

There’s a reason why many real estate professionals believe that curb appeal is a primary consideration—because first impressions count. With that in mind, new siding will not only spruce your place up, but it can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is something that many homebuyers are actively looking for in homes for sale these days. The benefits of new siding go beyond enhancing curb appeal, easily making it one of the areas where your investment could yield handsome returns.

Deck addition

The garage door and siding replacement should take care of your home at the front, but what about the back? If you have a big yard, adding a wooden deck can extend the living space on your property. Plus, having a ramped-up outdoor space for relaxation is something many homebuyers are looking for. While you can always go the custom route, there are many modular deck systems out in the market that are more cost-effective and easy to install.

Boosting your home’s value becomes easier when you have the proper guidance of a dependable real estate agent like me, Alice Chen, rather than going the “for sale by owner” route in Pleasanton, CA. While it’s not uncommon to see Pleasanton homes for sale by owner, you have better chances of higher returns and a more stress-free home-selling experience with me. Let’s talk about it! Get in touch with me today at 925.216.0676 or send me a message here.